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You are a blob with a thrash. A blob with a thrash and a mission: thrash the living hell out of the various blobs. No sparkling circles, no spots, no catalysts ... just you and your thrash. As you move around the board, your thrash swings in a pitiless circle. When you take out another blob, your thrash sucks throughout their life constrain. The more blobs you execute, the greater and all the more scary your thrash gets. It's thrash or be thrashed!!!

WASD or arrow keys to move. Your flail spins automatically. The size of your mace will grow as you hit other players.

Utilize your thrash for safeguard and in addition offense - your mace can divert assaults. Now and again you can take out a clueless foe by drawing near. On the off chance that you can dodge their mace and get directly into their blob's close to home space, your mace may very well land a strong hit.

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