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IT IS NIBBLES ON STEROIDS. You are a joyful worm who likes to eat shining specks. The all the more shining specks you eat, the more you get and all the more threatening you look. On the off chance that you find different worms, you kick the bucket and they get the opportunity to eat your gleaming residue. Yet, on the in addition to side, in the event that they chance upon you, you get the opportunity to rip apart the HECK out of their sweet, sweet remains. You will likely be the longest, most scaring looking worm on the scene.

Use your mouse or the arrow keys to direct your worm. Eat dots to get longer. Avoid running into other worms. When you see a worm die, eat their dust. There are a few boosts you can use, like pressing E to turn invisible for a time or Q to dash

Catalysts can have an enormous effect. The E for imperceptibility can be a lifeline. Wander aimlessly and utilize hesitant moves to make different players collide with you, at that point devour their shining remains!

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