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On the off chance that any sustenance a worm lean towards, it's shoddy nourishment. Wormate.io is verification enough of this. By eating heaps of sweets, these worms can develop to absurd lengths. The objective here is to wind up the greatest worm on the square, and the most ideal approach to that is to gobble up the second-hand low quality nourishment accumulated from the body of a substantially less blessed worm.

Steer the worm with the mouse button, and avoid steering yourself into the body of another worm. That's how you die - instantly.

Try not to falter to be a scavenger. You'll never have the capacity to murder a worm 1000x bigger than you, however that doesn't imply that you can't eat the super-charged junkfood that it will drop when it bites the dust. So simply stick close to the huge young men, and you'll be a worm for the history books in a matter of moments.

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