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Fight testing adversaries with a colossal determination of adjustable robots! Take control of these specific mechs in three diverse amusement modes that is certain to test your aptitudes and perseverance as you battle unlimited adversaries with an assortment of weapons and capacities.

Booster: SPACE
Move: W, A, S, D
Camera: Left/Right Arrow
Shoot: Up Arrow or Mouse Left Button
Mouse Lock On/Off: Mouse Right Button

Emotion: 1, 2
Minimap: M
Hot Key Info: H
Upgrade/Ranking: Tab

Exit: ESC

Battling foes that are much more ground-breaking than you won't work to support you, so attempt to just single out Mech's that seem debilitated and less unsafe than yourself. After you've gained some gold and new capacities, your harm and resistances will increment and place you higher on the mechanical pecking request.

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