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Timaleon puts a perfect curve on your standard space shooter, extremely reminiscent of the old arcade amusements. You can play online with companions or outsiders, and the objective is to get by to the extent that this would be possible. Your ship unendingly voyages upwards through the guide as the screen moves, and you need to impact a way clear for yourself as you experience space rocks that undermine to demolish you. Be that as it may, be careful, there are different players around too who won't not need you to live!

WASD to control ship
Left click to fire
You will always be moving forward slightly, so do your best to pick a clear path through the asteroids

Your ship can not move in reverse extremely far, as the screen is reliably advancing forward. Endeavor to agree with bigger space rocks at the highest point of the screen and spotlight on devastating them as you push ahead. They will give you more xp than littler space rocks, and they will likewise open a bigger space for you to go through.

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