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Develop and guard your region from would be trespassers, in this fun and quick paced multiplayer arrive get!

Moving your character away from your territory will create a tail behind you - connecting you to your homeland. Upon returning home, you will claim all of the land you have crossed as your own (yes!). All players on the map are doing the same - venturing out to claim more land. If you catch them before they reach home, slam into their tail to take them out. Watch your back though, if an enemy runs into your tail before you yourself have successfully made it back home, it's game over for you. Sneaking into enemy land and stealing hexagons is allowed, and your enemies won't hesitate to do so.

Your technique may move contingent upon the other player's playstyles. You may locate some taking little territories of the guide at once, playing sheltered and near their domain. You, then again, may very well be sufficiently insane to circle a gigantic hover over the guide, with the expectation that nobody wanders over your line for a monstrous land get.

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