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This is the stage jumper of all stage jumpers ... in the event that you like hopping on stages, this is the amusement for you! In Stomped, your little man can't quit bouncing. It's essentially his solitary methods for transport. Assemble stars to get greater, at that point step other players' heads to smash their fantasies and take their stars. You unquestionably need to be the stomper and not the stompee, so keep an eye out for others', crush assaults!

Use mouse or arrow keys to steer through the arena. Click mouse to smash attack and drop. Collect stars to get bigger. Stomp on other players to get their stars. Avoid getting stomped!

When you first begin, it's anything but difficult to get greater by gathering stars, yet as you get greater, you will need to step players to perceive any huge development. When you step a player, remain close-by so you can gather the subsequent stars. Keep away from the base of the screen, as there are bunches of stompers above you!

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