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You will likely control more than 75% of the generation, and you do this by eating sustenance and different players to develop your riches and influence. Change over tiles to create more nourishment/second by drifting over them and catching them. Your mass is the aggregate number of sustenance eaten and tile generators, and you can anchor your kingdom with turrets and traps.

W or Z: Fire Food
X: Fire poison
C: Build a wall
B: Build a tower on a fully upgraded wall
V: Destroy your own wall
S: Lay a mine
Spacebar: Split

This amusement is more entangled than a ton of different mass social affair recreations since it incorporates the idea of guarding a specific zone. Begin off little and solid, endeavor to invigorate your situation before spreading your domain. It is essential that you have some place you can run and stow away when bigger players come to eat you.

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