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12 units fight in this tight space, endeavoring to make due to the extent that this would be possible with six players and six bot players. You should battle for the best spot on the leaderboard by crushing and annihilating your foes, this will drive you to make hops that will destroy everything in your way! Be that as it may, beware...somethings can't be obliterated by you...

Click the left mouse button in the desired direction (or use arrows keys) to make a move. Each move increases your temperature.
Right-click in the desired direction to jump. Higher temperature = longer jump. You can destroy the enemy by jumping through him.

Be careful hot units close you, they are more hazardous than cooler units. Plan your developments to evade adversaries jumping, you can decide their way on the lattice. Try not to assault with a hop, this can prompt you both being crushed. Gather stars to win focuses and get powerups as you move around the guide.

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