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In Skyfight, you battle in the sky. In the case of nothing else, it is appropriately named. You expect control of a sweet WWII-looking plane and utilize the bolt keys to plunge, jump, circle, and speed around. Your playing field is a confounding skyscape with the ground a great many feet beneath. You will likely build your rank by shooting down different planes. The parachutes that tumble from some kindhearted divinity above you can help you in that mission - they will allow lifts to your ammunition, speed, protection, and deftness.

Shoot down planes to increase your score and rank. Fly around the game zone hunting down other planes. Catch parachutes to upgrade your guns and get boosts for defense, speed, and agility. Turn with the left and right arrow keys. Dive, climb, and loop with the up and down keys. Shoot with spacebar.

The amusement will caution you when somebody is shooting at you. Utilize this data further bolstering your good fortune - have a go at plunging to a lower height to avoid. Try not to fly into the airships that encompass the periphery...unless, obviously, you conclude that you need to go down individually terms.

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