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Hack your way to the best in S0urce.io. Pick your objective, type out the words on screen, and afterward douse up their sweet BT as a reward. Utilize that cash to purchase information excavators which thusly concedes you significantly more cash. Keep it up, and you'll in the long run be programmer ruler of the programmer kingdom. Or on the other hand you'll hack the wrong person and he'll assault you unending just as he has some insane resentment.

Don't be alarmed by the computer environment that shows up when you first start the game. Though it can be rather overwhelming, the game has a decent tutorial to help you dive in.

S0urce.io is genuinely straight-forward as far as gameplay. It's part sit still, and part writing, yet all hack, constantly. Rush to spend whatever BT you gain, keeping in mind that it be stolen from you simple minutes after the fact. In any case, be cautioned that it costs BT to hack somebody, so in case you're bankrupt, you're left with nothing to do except for twiddle your thumbs.

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