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RocketBlitz is a space shooter that sets you in a 2D situation and powers you to deliberately catch a progression of planets to win. You are on a group and should command the rival by assuming control over their planets, however be careful, they are additionally attempting to take yours over!

WASD to Move
Space to Fire
Mouse to select upgrades
Your job is to take control of the territory in the form of planets scattered around the map whilst blowing up enemy ships. To take the lead you're going to need some excellent teamwork so make sure to use the in game chat to its fullest and take command of your very own fleet!

Metals are expected to assemble planet barriers, repair stations, and mining stations. You get metals from catching planets and obliterating foes, however in the event that you need to get a head begin, put your initial 120 metal in a mining station on your most faultless planet. The all the more mining stations you have the more metal you have, making it simpler to rapidly put rocket propelling guards on recently caught planets.

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