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Tear your foes to shreds in this quick paced 3D mech shooter. To win, fight for control of different control focuses over the guide. Gather any weapons that drop, and rain discharge upon your enemies, looking as the different bits of the mech tumble to pieces..

WASD moves your mech.
Aim with the cursor.
Fire your left weapon with the left mouse button, and the right with the right.
Hold down space to sprint.
Active a shield with shift.
Hit B when at a shop to upgrade your mech with XP you earn from kills and capturing control points.
Esc brings up the menu.

You can enter a holder at your principle base keeping in mind the end goal to mend. On the off chance that the going get intense, high tail it for that area to repair the harm to your mech, including devastated arms. Since there's nothing goofier than a mech without any arms and no weapons to shield itself.

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