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Is it accurate to say that you are dependent on squares? When you close your eyes is that all you see? Do you wake up in a cool perspiration in the wake of longing for setting hinders on your with an end goal to develop longer? Rewind.Space knows how you feel. Turn into the greatest square beast conceivable and execute any individual who might set out contradict you. Move around the guide gathering hinders as you discover them, developing longer and more and more. Be that as it may, squares are not just your length, they are additionally the ammunition with which you murder other square beasts.

Move around with WASD.
+ on the numpad, or i, fires off one of your blocks.
- on the numpad, or o, does a triple fire.
* on the numpad, or p, does a speedboost at the cost of one block
Teleport with space.

Hold your length under tight restraints. You don't need to be the greatest snake to win, only the best. So don't be excessively stressed over making the longest snake conceivable. Utilize those squares to show signs of improvement hand over your foes.

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