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Have your own special Wilson good to go for Raaaaft.io. You're stranded adrift, and all you have with a specific end goal to survive is a pontoon and your minds. Search to keep your wellbeing and hydration up, yet look out for sharks! (Also, any players who are holding that bow suspiciously.)

There's a lot to do in Raaaaft, but to do any of it, you first have to know to move around with WASD, and in order to move your raft, click the button your oar is on to equip it, then right-click repeatedly to move your raft. Collect anything you encounter, except sharks. Leave sharks alone.

There's a great deal of fortunes associated with getting by in Raaaaft, yet it additionally boils down to recognizing what to go for, and how best to utilize it. You can likewise excel by being that player holding the bow suspiciously, and taking anything you require off the carcasses of those you've executed.

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