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You are a bouncy creature 3D shape who adores pie, however genuinely despises stick. Hop from square to square and eat away at whatever you happen to arrive on, yet in the event that a stick ramble drops a stick bomb in your general vicinity, GET THE HECK OUTTA THERE, in light of the fact that JAM = DEATH. Eating squares expands your score, as does eating different players. Eat wellbeing sqaures to reestablish your life meter. Eat key squares and mallet squares to open powerups.

Click the mouse to jump to a square. When you see a square you are standing on turn red, jump away as quickly as possible. Refill your health by eating squares with green crosses on them.

On the off chance that you go into all out attack mode, make sure to just target players with bring down wellbeing meters than you. Store sledges and keys to open catalysts. Keep your life meter high constantly.

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