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Consider the possibility that you took those prohibitive dividers off of PacMan. Imagine a scenario where you put the dabs all around. Imagine a scenario in which you took away the phantoms and supplanted them with saws. Likewise, imagine a scenario where you made PacMan a barbarian. Indeed, you'd have Paceman. The objective of Paceman is to hoard however many focuses as would be prudent. You do this through eating specks and different players, which must be done from behind. Lifts are brought forth haphazardly all through the field. Some are useful, however others can really divert you from your amusement.

Control Paceman's movements with the mouse, A&D, or left and right arrows. Dash with mouse button or spacebar. Eat other players by hitting them from behind. Front or side hits cause you to bounce off one another.

Maintain a strategic distance from THE SAWS! Saws are awful. Likewise terrible: the powerup that turns around the heading of your Paceman. Left is appropriate, up is down, and you're going to set out straight toward that saw. The super speed you get from eating dabs can be valuable in that it will help get powerups and pursue down adversaries, yet it can likewise make your Paceman hard to control, and soon thereafter you will wind up as sawdust. Endeavor to "ricochet" different players into saws on the off chance that you can.

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