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Orepega is a 2D shoot-out in space. Start by choosing the class of ship. At that point fly around shooting different planes. It is basic, yet unfathomably addictive. You have two weapons: an automatic rifle and a bomb. The power, speed, and reload-capacity of both rely upon your class. A few classes of ship have different traps, for example, poison projectiles or the capacity to bargain skirmish harm. Gather stars to refill your wellbeing and take out adversaries to enhance your details. Move to the highest point of the positions by accomplishing the most murders.

Spacebar shoots, shift key drops a bomb. WASD or arrow keys to move. White stars give you points and health. Improve your stats by killing other players.

Bombs accomplish more harm, yet firearms can be reloaded quicker. Convey a bomb when you are around other people with a foe, yet don't wait! You can be harmed by your own particular bombs. The greater part of the classes accompany their own particular favorable circumstances and inconveniences. Play with a couple of various classes of specialty before you choose which one is the best for your playing style.

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