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This new and inventive amusement pits you in a skirmish of technique and sharp shooting. 8 players go head to head on circling planets, attempting to control 24 add up to spheres as they circle the sun. Brisk choices are required, and high procedure is energized as you compete for control over the planets.

Click your orb to select it as your firing orb.
Shoot a blast from this orb by clicking near it.
If your bullet strikes another orb, you take control of it.

This diversion requires ability, shrewd, and extraordinary precision when shooting. Lead your shots relying upon the turn of the circles. Endeavor to keep your obs bundled as opposed to scattered, and zoom out utilizing the parchment wheel on your mouse to see your whole realm without a moment's delay. Center your assaults where you are closest different circles to rapidly acquire planets. You can pivot from the circle when you fire and fire from another sphere, so attempt to dependably be terminating.

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