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In the realm of Oceanar, your objective is basic: store up a multitude of faithful fish adherents. The more nourishment you eat, the more other fish appear to like you. It doesn't trouble them that you are don't share the nourishment ... they appear to be sufficiently upbeat just to trail afterward as you eat down modest scavangers. You can even sic your fish armed force on jellyfish and opponent schools. Simply lighten your day close them and a bloodbath will result. As you eat tiny fish and develop your armed force, your rank increments. The sky (surface?) is the point of confinement!

Use the mouse to guide your fish. Clicking the mouse makes your fish's light shine brighter, summoning your school. Eat food to increase the size of your school, making you a more potent attack force.

When you are simply beginning, avoid jellyfish and bigger schools of fish. As you get greater, send your cronies to assault the jellyfish for a lift. Target littler schools and take them out. Utilize your light to summon your armed force when you are prepared to take out a rival. On the off chance that you find freefloating dim fish or crabs, you can add them to your group by swimming close them. When you begin looking skeletal, center around eating sustenance to reestablish your wellbeing as opposed to assaulting.

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