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In Nibbly, you are a totes adorbs lil' creature with an unquenchable hunger for organic product, oak seeds, and mushrooms. You wobble around a field crunching on sustenance. As you eat, you top off your development bar. Fill the bar to develop your character. You take out different players by throwing balls at them. One hit is sufficient to execute! When you down a foe, they leave a huge trail of nourishment. Out-eat and outlive your foes to achieve the highest point of the leaderboard.

Use the mouse to move. Left click or spacebar shoots.

Your balls don't have a considerable measure of range, so draw near to adversaries to take them out. Be watchful of their assaults, obviously! Snarf up the sustenance left by a fallen foe, however be cautious of different players who are prepared to devour the your rewards for all the hard work.

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