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Ever ponder what narwhals do with that horn of theirs? Why, they joust obviously. Narwhale errands you with cutting whatever number foe narwhals in two with your horn as could be expected under the circumstances, step up and winding up exponentially more great all the while.

Steer your narwhal with the mouse, and boost with the left mouse button.

Narwhale is one of those "simple to play, hard to ace" diversions. You essentially simply point your horn, and shoot, and chances are, you'll at any rate cut a couple of narwhals down the middle before you meet your first demise. Be that as it may, figuring out how to stay away from any individual who's gunning for you takes a touch of artfulness. Move unpredictably, utilize that dash protectively, and attempt to whip around and cut your follower fifty-fifty.

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