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Lordz.io puts you right amidst the medieval activity. Stroll around and gather coins to begin, develop your armed force, begin your stronghold, and assault your foes to demonstrate to them what you're made of. In the first place, develop your homes and mansions. Second, develop your armed force. Third, overcome the world.

Movement: Mouse, Split Army: Space Bar, House: E, Tower: R, Soldier: T, Knight: Y, Archer: U, Barbarian: I. Dragon: O, Suicide: Esc. Hold and click to attack any opponent's house.

Gathering coins is the way to keeping up the greatest and baddest armed force on the board. They enable you to fabricate houses to develop nourishment for your armed force and strongholds to ensure those houses. When you get enough assets, make your reliable fighters, picking between warrior, knight, bowman, brute or monster, to get the high ground on the other lordz.

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