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Little Big Snake

Eat up to wind up the greatest and baddest snake in this lavish, energetic world loaded with snakes, as well as bugs and different critters to much on. Huge amounts of customization and opens will hold you returning for additional.

All you need to play is your mouse. The snake will follow your cursor, and left click will boost. Like most Slither-esq IO games, if your head hits anything, you die. You can pass across your body body, but if you hit anything - or anyone - it's a swift death.

There's a craftsmanship in utilizing your tail to cause as much savagery as anyone might imagine. At times, you can get fortunate by simply skimming past another player's head (in the event that you don't foul up and kick the bucket yourself) however in many cases, you'll need to work to ensnare other players...or you can play latently and simply eat everything that doesn't have a human mind behind it.

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Little Big Snake