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Lazerdrive is a neon themed 2d amusement that powers you to think on your toes or be obliterated. You are a speck who makes lines, and those lines can execute anybody, even yourself. Would you like to be the last line standing? Would you like to climb the leaderboards and have your name shown for anyone's viewing pleasure? At that point get in the amusement and begin your neon enterprise!

Use the Arrow Keys to control your line
Spacebar to Boost
The game is simple, don't run into lines. Collect power ups and debuffs as you traverse the map, doing your best to cut players off and destroy them.

When you comprehend the controls endeavor to make sense of the planning for your line holes. They accompany a standard recurrence, and in the event that you can anticipate them you can utilize them to bounce over different players lines securely. Gather powerups and utilize your lift to escape dubious circumstances.

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