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You are a vivid circle and THE FLOOR IS LAVA! On the off chance that you like diversions where you are tossed into the activity IMMEDIATELY, this is the one for you, on the grounds that when there are sufficient players in the amusement, IT IS ON. Your objective is straightforward: keep your hover out of the magma, trick! Bob off the roof, the dividers, different players ... do whatever you need to do to remain off of the floor, which, all things considered, is LAAAAVA!

Click your mouse to get a "push" in that direction. You can bounce off other players or the walls/ceiling. Be the last circle standing (not in the lava) to win.

Be prepared to play IMMEDIATELY! It is a brisk diversion and different players are regularly gotten ignorant , so being the primary individual to respond is an awesome favorable position. Skip off different players on the off chance that you can ... it might occupy them and disable their fixation/control.

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