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Kartwars is a 2D fight diversion. You move your Kart around the field, gathering up lifts and chasing down adversaries. Since your solitary objective is survival, you may center around guard, sucking up hexagons and accumulating powerups. In case you're feeling especially bloodlusty, you can likewise go into all out attack mode, conveying your weapons to take out any adversary Kart that takes a gander at you sideways.

Use arrow keys to move your kart. D uses items, S gives a turbo boost. You can also use the mouse to control your kart. Left cluck uses items, right click uses turbo boost. Glowing hexagons give you powerups or upgrade your weapons.

When you discover an extremely awesome lift, (for example, the lightning shroud), don't sit around idly - go into all out attack mode and receive the benefits of your murdering binge.

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