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Hyper Fleet (beta)

They have come back to kill all of us! Be that as it may, we won't fall so effectively! In Hyperfleet, you battle nearby numerous different players to vanquish the assaulting foe armada, ensuring your own particular base and digging for materials, all in the meantime! Amid your adventure of safeguard and assaulting you will have the alternatives to open new and intense ship redesigns, new capacities, even place gateway stations and progress to new missions!

Move with mouse- Click to fire
Keys 1-9 for abilities and 0 to drop stations once unlocked
Hold shift to drift
Enter to talk
Press Space over station to repair and restock ship (unlock new ships, upgrade weapons, complete missions to earn new abilities, re-roll the bonus stats, and more)

Cooperating to crush bigger adversaries is the key technique, the same number of lasers easily handle perilous foes. Try not to get captured out alone where you will succumb to a foe surge, and ensure you update your ship frequently, adhering to a predetermined overhaul way to most profit your group!

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Hyper Fleet (beta)