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Hexagor is tied in with seething with only hexes. You begin with a base, and from that point, you click nearby hexes to extend your domain. The more hexes that are under your control, the more towers you can construct, and the simpler it will be to devastate to each one of the individuals who contradict you. Or on the other hand collaborate with another player to influence your foes to fall down. Be that as it may, make sure to watch out for your own base when you're occupied with taking up arms. The best safeguard may be a decent offense, however despite everything you need to guard.

Move the map around with WASD, or by clicking and dragging. But you'll be spending most of your time madly clicking hexes in an effort to expand. The time it takes to capture a hex varies. If you only have one adjoining hex, it can take some time, especially for mountainous terrain, but if you have another hex all but surrounded, you can scoop it up in the blink of an eye.

Victories are an awesome method to rapidly make an invasion into foe domain, and to keep away from offensive safeguards.

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