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Gungame is an amusement about firearms. All the more particularly, it's a diversion about a glowy hover on a consistent journey to overhaul its weapons. You control your glowy hover around a 2D network, eating spots and getting greater. Each spot you eat enables you to update your weapon and stocks up your ammunition. Each shot you discharge makes you littler and drains your ammunition. The more redesigned your firearm is, the less demanding it is to shoot other glowy circles.

WASD to move, Shift to sprint. E to upgrade your gun. Aim with the mouse and shoot with a left click. You get bigger as you eat the glowing dots and smaller as you upgrade or fire your weapon. Your goal is to be the biggest glowing circle on the field.

Update your weapon until the point that it is one that enables you to shoot in reverse or shoot a warmth looking for round. This will give you a hostile favorable position. In the event that you are simply hoping to get greater, coast around the peripheries of the guide.

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