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It's a multiplayer fight amusement on an open field of hexagons. Get your lil' warrior prepared to go up against the adversary by controlling him over bright specks. The more dabs you stroll over, the more experience you pick up. The more experience you have, the all the more intense you are. The all the more ground-breaking you are, the less demanding it will be to crush others. Jump on a steed to help your speed and get a shield to support your guard.

Use the mouse to steer your character. Space or mouse click to attack. Walk over the dots to gain a limited time power-up, which include defense boost (sheild) and speed boosts (horse).

Maintain a strategic distance from players with higher exp. focuses than you since you fundamentally have zero chance against them. Take out weaker foes for an exp. support. On the off chance that a littler and speedier adversary endeavors to disappear, jump on a pony to chase them down. Lift yourself with a shield before going up against an extreme foe. Work in collaboration with others to bring down the all the more ground-breaking players.

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