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Gons is a 2D shootout between conscious shapes. You begin as a triangle caught in a goliath crossword astound. Different shapes begin zooming by, and kid are they irate! It appears like each polygon around the local area (counting yourself) is controlled by a voracious want for more edges. They are so devoured by edge-desire that they will actually shoot THEIR OWN EDGES at different shapes with expectations of increasing still more edges.

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Use spacebar to shoot. Your goal is to collect "edges." You start as a triangle, but can earn more edges by shooting other players. When you shoot an enemy, you lose an edge. You can recover this edge by collecting it after it has destroyed an enemy or bounced into a wall.

Be mindful so as not to get caught down a deadlock passageway! Get the thing that resembles an indicator for a decent edge-help. Be careful about circles- - they're so pushed to the limit on edges that they shoot with total surrender!

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