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Officers is a 2D based condition system diversion that spotlights on smart strategies over favor illustrations. This amusement compels you to beat your rivals, a catching area in one of a kind styles to drive them off the board. Each match is a 8-player Free For All that will test your vital capacities, guaranteeing you are immediately vanquished or effortlessly overcome your adversaries.

Click and Drag to move the map.
To claim, upgrade and build upon blocks you simply need to click the square you're interested in and select the option of what you want to do.
You can also use WASD or Arrow Keys to move around.
Press Spacebar to deselect. Press Q to clear queued moves. Press E to undo your last move.

You have to rapidly propel your beginning armed force in light of the fact that after the initial 25 seconds you will pick up a troop for each space you have prevailed. Try not to be reluctant to spread yourself thin initially, it will pay off.

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