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In Dotz, you are a hover with a mouth and what would you like to pack into this mouth? Spots, obviously. Your circle is encompassed by what must be a well sharpened sharp dashed-line border. On the off chance that you can contact another hover with this edge, you will murder your adversary and pick up a gigantic point help. Be that as it may, if your circle gets contacted by another edge, you yourself will surrender the apparition. As you pick up levels, your hover extends to meet the border. When you level up, you recoil down to a more secure size.

Use mouse or arrow keys to move. Space bar or left click gives you a temporary speed boost. You will die if your circle gets touched, but you can kill with your dashed-line perimeter.

At the point when your hover is in a level of perilously vast development, remain in cautious mode - hang out in the outskirts and spotlight on eating dabs. Subsequent to step up, go on the assault and take out some littler circles! Utilize the dash catch to escape diligent enemies.

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