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Shots and bombs take off through the air, as you and your group move your military aircraft to bring down the foe base. Tie in tight trooper, since this will be a serious ride!

Your plane spawns for either the red side or blue side base. Your job is to take down the enemy zeppelin while making sure to protect your own. Use the WASD or arrow keys to move your plane and your mouse to aim. Press left click to fire your machine gun and right click to bomb. Take out enemy hot air balloons, mini zeppelins, and player-controlled enemies to gain enough to level up your plane.

Subsequent to step up, you'll have a decision on which detail to increment. Choosing which detail to level up relies upon your playstyle and the current circumstance. Urgently need to do harm to the adversary blimp? Step up your speed and bombs, so you can swoop in snappy and do huge harm. Need to shield your base from various foe warriors? Step up your shields to square approaching harm and your firearms to do shower harm.

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