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You are an auto that leaves a trail of devastation afterward ... actually. As you drive around the field, you desert a sparkling trail you. On the off chance that another player (or yourself!) crashes into this trail, they will meet with a moment destruction. You can either go into all out attack mode, pursuing down different players and attempting to draw them into your radiant trail o' fate, or endeavor to take no chances, remaining out of everyone's way until the point that they take themselves out. In any case, you will require some really quick reflexes!

Steer with WASD or arrow keys. Use space bar or left click for a temporary speed boost.

You can go into all out attack mode by making a light rail trap around your adversaries. You can likewise simply play guard, endeavoring to remain out of every other person's way until they all fail horrendously. Be mindful so as not to crash into your own preliminary! Utilize the dash alternative to make a fast exit.

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