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You begin playing Cosmo in a little ship that is essentially asking to get pimped out. Make your ride as well as can be expected be by gathering assets to make it the greatest and baddest in the cosmic system. You can enhance your in 8 diverse routes up to 10 times. For whatever length of time that you keep an eye out for alternate ships and dark openings, you'll have a smooth ride cruising to the highest point of the leaderboard.

WASD - Move; LMB - shoot

Level yourself up by gathering assets. Doing this by decimating meteors will give you the high ground with regards to managing harm to the others around you. Watch out for the dark openings that happen once planets achieve a base size-those will have no kindness on anybody or anything in this world. On the off chance that you draw near to one, squeeze two of the heading bolts in the meantime to give yourself an additional lift and escape the way.

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