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It's Nibbles, yet you're a circle rather than a worm. Basically, you are a major puffy ball coasting around space with a voracious craving for dabs. You will probably be the "pioneer," which means the greatest puffball in the field. The more you eat, the greater you get. Be that as it may, greater you are, the slower you move. Craftsmanship emulates life ...

Use your mouse to direct your sphere. Little green arrows show you where other players are. Right click or spacebar to boost. Left click to shoot. When you kill another player, they turn into food pellets. Boost will help you escape in a pinch, but it will cost you some of your food (and mass).

Watch out for as of late terminated players. Their murder scene is a magnificent place to search delectable spots. When you are huge, it's less demanding to execute different players than it is to chase down specks. You can fire at your adversaries' shots. This won't simply divert the shot, it will transform it into a nourishment pellet. You can utilize your lift to make tracks in an opposite direction from an adversary. This will heave sustenance at them, making them back off.

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