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Pick a side in Cats Vs Dogs and afterward indicate which side - feline or puppy - rules. Pick your creature, eat, become huge, and guarantee an area for the sake of your group. At that point spend any gold you acquire from your enterprises to make yourself the meanest pooch (or feline) in the recreation center.

Move with WASD.
Aim your cute little paws with the mouse.
Use your sharp little claws to eviscerate your foes with the left mouse button.
Poop with the right mouse button and dash forward with your empty stomach (also consumes some of your size).
Open up shops or other buildings with E.

Show predetermination. In the event that region isn't yours, take it. On the off chance that you as of now have it, shield it with your life. You can likewise help the hitpoints of shrubberies in your domain by assaulting them.

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